Hotel Trends 2023.

Different, promising and full of opportunity.


Despite all prophecies of doom, it looks like 2023 will be a good year for the hotel industry. And that has to do with the new trends.

Best of all: neither expensive investments nor major refurbishment projects are required.

Because in 2023 the focus will be on trends, great hotels are intimately familiar with: making people feel good.


Image courtesy Luca Upper – Unsplash


Here they are, the five exciting hotel trends for 2023:

Trend #1: Hotel rooms become side issues for guests

It used to be chic hotel rooms, today well-being, quality of life and inspiration are right at the top of potential guests’ wish lists.

The “Zeitgeist” is in the process of renewing itself. And with it the people and their view of things.

Because the sweeping events of the last few years have triggered a collective longing for change in us.

“Zeitgeist is always a chance to do better.

It shows us what no longer works, shakes up rigid systems.”

– Kristine Fratz, Zeitgeist researcher

This is where we are now.

In search of a better, more meaningful life – a trend that has tremendous potential, especially for hoteliers.

Because a hotel is like a mini cosmos that reflects “life”.

Colorful, exciting and full of possibilities.

Isn’t it sometimes even magical? When you walk into a hotel lobby and see complete strangers talking excitedly and attentively with each other? You can literally feel the special atmosphere that spreads throughout the room….

In hotels, people come together to work, celebrate, exchange ideas and escape from everyday life.

The guest experience is the center of attention.

Guests long for little moments of happiness and to be cared for.

They are willing to pay good money for this valuable feeling.

How can you implement this in your hotel?

Quality and service standards are self evident.

But this here makes the difference: your cordiality and genuine interest in the individual behind the guest will determine whether guests remember you as a nice hotel or an unforgettable hotel experience…

Surprising hotel guests in a positive way does not even have to be expensive:

How about lunch in an unusual setting?

Instead of the restaurant, invite conference participants for a picnic under the apple tree.

Or how about an evening of stargazing on the roof terrace? Comfortable armchairs and warm blankets and all is set for a look at the night sky. (Of course with a delicious drink in hand. 😉)

Image courtesy Greg Rakozy – Unsplash

How did Maya Angelou put it so aptly:

“People may forget what you said or did.

They will never forget how they felt around you”.

Trend #2: Sustainability becomes a selling point

Climate change, plastic waste and environmental destruction – these issues have now reached all of us.

And whoever chooses to still ignore it, will get a reminder from life … earthquakes, crop failures, heat waves – we know we’ve got to take action.

…. or at least we want to feel like we’re contributing in making a difference…

… and that’s how sustainability is also becoming more and more of a deciding factor when making purchases – e.g. when booking hotel stays!

Reducing waste, looking for more sustainable goods and services from supply chains, working more energy efficiently – there are already many hotels that have taken the first steps to reduce their carbon footprint.

But the trend towards sustainability is gaining momentum and is increasingly coming into focus.

Eating meatless is sustainable and vegan is no longer just an issue for animal rights activists.

In Europe, working with vegan gastro coaches is becoming a trend. They show hoteliers how tasty and varied vegan dishes can be.

Hoteliers team up with local entrepreneurs and put together attractive adventure packages. There’s a tiny little bar around the corner, serving wines from winemakers in the area, or the Pilates teacher comes to the hotel to teach.

Hotel suppliers have also recognized the signs of the times and are on the subject of sustainability.

One example are clever dispensing systems. Among other things, they make it possible keep wine fresher for longer.

The cork is only “pierced” and so you can even serve top wines “by the glass”.

There are upcycling hotels. Second-hand furniture contributes to environmental protection and at the same time creates a very special look.

Or Pop Up Hotels, the only for a temporary time at a certain place are – according to the motto – short-term demand at unique locations.

Trend #3: Staffing shortages is turning into an exciting new movement

The warnings could be heard for years: We are facing declining birth rates, working conditions in the hotel industry need to be improved, and now we are … right in the thick of it …

Workers are missing at the back and front and the situation is forcing us to think things over.

The big hotels are already out there, testing new approaches:

On-the-job training programs that also offer side entrants an all-around program that they can use for a career – in the hotel industry …. or elsewhere.

Because: The service mentality of hotel staff is in great demand.

For applicants, on the other hand, career opportunities in the hotel are a motivation to get started.

Because when motivated, enthusiastic and passionate people are at the top, this can only have a positive effect on the development of hotels and the way of services and technologies they use.”

A few brave hoteliers are already showing the way. Such as German Alexander Scharf from Gastro Urban with 4 establishments in Goslar. He defies the skills shortage by giving people a chance. Prior knowledge and CV are not a deciding factor. He is looking for motivated and interested people. He then teaches them what they need to know and helps them get ahead. And that holistically. At Gastro Urban, they don’t just value gastronomic skills, they see the person as a whole. There is even a coach on the team. The result? A super cohesion and a strong loyalty to the company.


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Or the Europäische Hof in Heidelberg, a partner of the fair Job Hotels. Some of their staff has been working here since their training and often even until they retire.

The hotel’s website keeps mentioning the importance and appreciation of the hotel team, and there are there is a separate job page where the hotel tells what makes it unique from an employee’s point of view.

Because applicants first look at the hotel website before they are responding to your ad.

They want to get a better picture.

What’s important to applicants: they want to recognize an opportunity to live their personal potential and to be supported and inspired in doing so.

That’s why the hotel manager of the future will be a kind of coach: He or she discovers, promotes and coordinates the talents of the employees and thus gets the best out of the hotel.

Trend #4: Addressing guests individually generates MORE sales

The trend – in all areas of life – is clearly moving away from mass processing towards more individuality.

Hotel guests don’t want to be a ‘room number’, they want to feel valued as a person.”

And in marketing it has always been: If you talk to everyone, you are not really attractive to anyone

Most hotels have divided their guest categories into “business or leisure?”.

Now the trend towards authentic and individual experiences means that guests are looking for real niches.

One example is the digital nomads. This movement arose due to the restrictions during the pandemic, but is still popular half a year later.


Image courtesy Brooke Cagle – Unsplash


Even small B&Bs, like the Cortijo El Sarmiento in Mojacar, have discovered a successful niche for themselves with worcation packages as a networking opportunity.

A counterexample are the Digital Detox Hotels. No telephone, no internet, no television – just peace and nature. This target group consists of guests who want to leave behind the digital stress and the feeling of having to be constantly available for a while.

Pet-friendly hotels are also becoming increasingly popular. Whether dog, cat or horse – these guests don’t have to worry how their darling pets are doing during their absence and can completely relax.

It doesn’t really matter which niche or target group you target.

What’s important is to know your ideal guest inside out and cater to these preferences and requirements.

If your guests have the feeling, “I’m in the right place here”, “They truly understand my needs”, they’ll book.

Trend #5: If what you say appeals to your guests, they’ll prefer to book directly

When people are looking for a hotel and don’t yet have a clear idea, they usually go to a booking platform and pre-select.

After that, they almost always visit the hotel’s website to look for further details.

Your chance! If your words trigger emotions and your hotel instantly comes across as something special, your visitor will stay and book directly.

Hotel websites that let their personality shine through have above-average direct bookings.

They persuade. Because if you show beautiful images that are followed by buzz words and empty phrases, the website visitor will quickly leave again.

The problem is often that you know your hotel and product too well.

You take many things for granted, and so you lose sight of the fact that you still have to convince others.

What’s the best way to do this? By using your – very own – words on your website to describe what makes your hotel special.

Imagine your absolute favorite guests.

You know their preferences and you know what they have mentioned enthusiastically many times.

Write with a big dash of personality – just like you speak – tell your story and make your visitor feel like they’re getting to know you a little.

This makes your hotel unique in the eyes of your visitor and you stand out.


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