“About Us” for hotels

and how it helps you connect with your visitors


Do I really need an “About us” page for my hotel?


“My hotel, room, restaurant, delicious breakfast speak for themselves and show my guest everything he needs to know.”

“I don’t like being the center of attention.” (And you are right, you shouldn’t, but we’ll get to that later)

To answer your question: Yes, you do.

„About us is (besides the homepage) the most important page on your hotel website.


This is the page where you connect with visitors, build trust and persuade potential guests about your hotel.

It took you a lot of effort to get this traffic to your website. Now it’s a matter of turning visitors into guests.

Show your guests – authentic and with personality – why they’ve come to the right place.

Most hotels make the same mistake

  • Either they don’t have an About Us page,
  • describe their hotel with meaningless phrases,
  • or introduce themselves “resume-style”.

But your guests don’t really care about that.

They want to know who their hosts are – the people behind the hotel.

We prefer to deal with people we like. We want to feel a connection.

We want to feel understood. 

And to be honest – if you are going to stay with a “stranger”, don’t you take an even closer look?…

Remember that – despite the page title – “about us” is still all about your guests.


Summarize the advantages of booking your hotel in a short, crisp introduction. (From your favorite guest’s perspective!)

“We give workaholics a relaxing weekend that they’ll remember for a looong time to come.”

Introduce yourself

  • How did you end up running a hotel?
  • What motivated you?
  • What’s your story?

Tell the story in a gripping and emotional way. Look back and also let your readers share in mishaps or things that didn’t always go perfectly but ultimately got you where you are today. Or share your story like Dane and Samantha and their Beach Motel in Southampton. They started out somewhere completely different in their lives before they decided to make their dream of a small boutique hotel come true.

Let your guests see your personality so they can connect with you.


Like Jessica, Co-Owner of the Hotel Sportalm. Her bubbly personality, her background and her passion – it all comes across in a few sentences…

It all started with a vision…

What is your hotel all about?

In Ian and Christa Taylor’s Homewood Hotel, it’s all about a sense of fun and mischief. An intriguing concept that gets attention right away.

We all love stories and good stories get attention. By revealing a little about yourself, you automatically appear likeable and trustworthy – the first step to a successful booking!

  • Is there something special in your hotel and how did it come about?
  • What’s important to you?
  • A small peep behind the scenes anyone?

Add to that shots of you and your team „in action“ and in “real life”.


Just like the Nischler family from Lindenhof.

Show your guests who is part of the team 


And by that I don’t mean a stiff CV, but a great image, a short description of their responsibilities and a quick glimpse into their personality:

These can be funny, quirky, or interesting. Entertain with creative ideas and connect with your reader:

  • My insider tip in xxx
  • My favorite park bench in xxx
  • I am… zodiac sign..
  • What I like
  • What I don’t like
  • What hardly anyone knows about me
  • Morning grouch/night owl

Or go a completely different route. Instead of introducing your team (that might change over time), talk about people in the neighborhood!

Highlight suppliers, partners and people in your community.


Like the One Aldwych in London did on their “curator” page:

Guest Reviews / References


Did your guests enjoy their stay? Then ask them to write a few words about the successful experience and show it on your About Us page.

Enthusiastic guests are the best “proof” that you not only promise, but also deliver.

Or are you addressing a specific target group? (perhaps meeting organizers or wedding planners?)

Then mention or quote a well-known personality from this industry.

In this way you clearly show your insider knowledge and establish yourself as an expert.

And finally


Extend a sincere invitation.

But please. No, “We’ll be pleased to welcome you.”

Much too stiff and formal.

Imagine standing in the lobby with your guest and amicably chatting.

“We’d be delighted to have you back!”

“Hope to see you soon again!”

“I’m pretty sure – you gonna love it here!”


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