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Hotels are a dime a dozen.

But your hotel is one of a kind.

I’ll show you how to use crunchy copy and delightful stories to attract your dream guests, help them find you online and get more direct bookings. (even without booking platforms)

Sounds familiar?

You know your hotel is special.
You bend over backwards for your guests.
The feedback you are getting is super positive.
And still.
Too often rooms are not occupied, direct bookings are hard to come by and
there’s the constant discussion about price …

There’s a better way!

schlanke grosse frau mit weisser hose und blau-gemustertem t-shirt steht vor einer blauen wand, haende in den Taschen und laechelt in die Kamera - barbel - text spot on hotel marketing Hi there! Nice to have you.

I’m Bärbel, and I’ll show you how to successfully communicate with your favorite guests and get them excited about the offer on your website.

As a former hotel manager, I know how much work and effort goes into a good hotel.

And how frustrating it is when, despite all efforts, sales is not what it should be.

The question arises: How do I draw attention to my hotel with so much competition around?
How do I get guests to book my hotel and preferably directly, here on my website? …

I’ve forever pondered this question. In hotels, marketing somehow always seems to be connected to organizers, booking platforms and commissions.

But how do other businesses, independently and with success, manage to sell online?

I began to study their approach and quickly realized that there’s one crucial factor that determines success: Does the website copy trigger an emotional response or not?

Is the spark jumping over? Does a visitor immediately feel, “I am at the right place and I talk to the right people?”

I’ll show you how to get that message across. More about me…

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Why be A Hotel, when you could be THE Hotel?

It’s often the small changes that have a big impact.

Start with these 3 tips and pull in your dream guests.

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