Copywriting for hotels – a hotel website without good copy
is like a hotel room without a bed

The essential element is missing.

The purpose of your hotel website is to sell rooms.

Nice phrases and “letting the pictures speak for themselves” is not enough.

Your dream guests must instantly feel connected and understood.

You offer exactly what they want.

If that comes across in your copywriting, then you’ve almost won…

Not hotel rooms, not amenities –

The center of attention are the preferences and wants of your ideal guest

… and that must come across in the copywriting for your hotel…

that, however, is easier said than done….cause….how well do you actually know your ideal guest?

→ How do you write hotel copy that sounds neither stiff nor too salesy?

→ How do you come across with authenticity and personality?

→ What gets a hotel website visitor to stay on your site and look around?

→ And how do you express what you want to convey, so that your readers understand exactly what you mean?

→ How do you use words and content to trigger emotions?

→ How do you show hotel website visitors what makes you different from the competition?

→ How do you get a potential guest to take action?

→ How do you incorporate important keywords into your hotel website copy?

There is a lot of work and effort behind persuasive copywriting….

People of different age and color standing and leaning against stonewall checking their phones

But the effort is worth it!

Because authentic, effective hotel copywriting helps you stand out.

You will attract more of your favorite guests and your hotel will be more easily found.

The result: more direct bookings and more sales

Good hotel copy is not loud and demanding. On the contrary.

Hotel copywriting talks about how your dream guests feel and what they are looking for.

The opposite of “hot air”, empty phrases and meaningless marketing blah, blah.

Let the personality of your hotel shine and pull in your favorite guests.

Your words must evoke feelings in your readers. They must sense a connection.

With the right hotel content you can achieve amazing results. Draw people’s attention, evoke emotions, build trust and set off fabulous images of things to come in their minds.

There’s a reason why we speak of  “the power of words” …

Your guests are dreaming about a splendid hotel experience.

A romantic weekend that’ll rekindle the spark in their relationship, a highly successful business meeting that’ll bring lucrative opportunities, or a joyful family celebration, where everyone reunites.

Your guests look forward to immersing themselves in the unique atmosphere of “their” hotel, and meeting interesting, amiable people. In short – your guests are looking for a fabulous host.

You’ve put your heart and soul into your hotel’s copywriting. Show your guests!

You think, your Hotelmarketing is working well? Your team knows what matters?

Then have a look at this revealing Hotel-Experiment

Hotel websites, Facebook presentations, sales letters or responses to guest reviews
Words have power, and great copy attracts and appeals.
It evokes emotions and gets people to take action.
Use this powerful tool for a dynamic hotel marketing strategy.

Your hotel has personality and delights.
Your hotel website content should do the same.

Want to show your guests what makes you a great host?

Unique and with lots of personality?

Get in touch, so we can make your hotel stand out online!