Guest experiences sell hotel rooms  –
that’s how your hotel is booked year round


It’s being sold as the new trend, but it’s always been like that. People love experiences. And hotels offer them. Individual, unique guest experiences.
Every day anew.
This is a major advantage for your hotel business in 2022.
Because it fills hotel rooms.
How? Read on.


image courtesy austin distel unsplash

How do I get more guests and direct bookings?


The number one question, all hoteliers ask themselves.

And yet, with occupancy, it all too often looks like “all or nothing.”

Either the hotel is jam-packed and even overbooked, or nothing is happening at all.

Gaping emptiness in too many rooms.

This up and down is exhausting and eats up resources.

Cash flow and investments are difficult to plan.

Better keyword strategies or discounts should solve the problem, but nothing really changes.

Because we make a big mistake in hotel marketing:

We believe we persuade our guests with beautiful rooms.

Our double rooms are perfectly equipped and furnished in a cozy traditional-modern Bavarian style.“ 

But there’s something people treasure much more …

Your guests are looking for a great experience.

Because experiences are special. Personally, emotional and highly individual.

That’s the reason we consider an experience to be more valuable than, for example, a fancy interior.

  • an experience means variety
  • we learn new things
  • we get to know new people
  • beautiful experiences linger in our heart for a long time.

After two long years of pandemic, guest experiences are in high demand.

You should take advantage of that.

Long term. (Because offering great experiences to your guests will also work when the first boom is over)

The good news: owner-run and smaller hotels clearly have an edge.

They have something huge hotels and chain hotels have a hard time providing to their guests:

  • time and attention
  • personal service
  • genuine encounters
  • individuality
  • trust
  • authentic experiences

So what exactly defines an experience?

Great experiences get us out of everyday life and make us feel good.

So exactly what hotels provide.

Over the course of a day, great hosts create small magic moments for their guests.

So, how do you get that across online?

By not explaining what you offer, but by describing an appealing experience.

Your words must trigger something and get your guests to day dream…

Instead of simply stating  „Hearty breakfast“

say something like this:

In the morning we await you with a good cup of coffee or tea, crispy croissants and homemade jam. We think a day has to start with a good foundation.”

When you get your visitors’ imagination going and the experience comes to live in their minds, you’ve almost won.

This even works with hotel rooms! Have you ever thought about letting your rooms speak for themselves? Take a look for yourself.

Guest experiences aren’t of course just limited to your hotel operation.

There are many ways to offer unforgettable experiences outside of your hotel, as well. 

Encounters and happenings guests will remember for a long time to come…

…and will always associate with your hotel …

How do you do this?

Here’s a great tool, I discovered recently: an experience channel manager for hoteliers and hosts in tourism.

Giggle Tips helps hoteliers showcase guest experiences on their hotels’ websites (and across all major marketing channels).

The software is very easy to use for laypeople and has an impressive side effect:

Even before arrival the experience-packages ensure anticipation and excitement, and they can be booked directly, which means additional income.

Even better – Google is becoming more and more aware of your hotel.

The hotel industry has been waiting for this tool for years.

I can only recommend it.

Another option are stories. Get your guests’ imagination going and make them eager for more.

  • Share your personal favorites with guests and explain what makes this place/spot/ event so special.
  • Tell the story behind the story: Every historical sight has an “official” narrative, but oftentimes there is an anecdote hardly anyone knows about .. 
  • Entertain your readers with unusual facts in relation to famous sights and buildings, and get their attention: I recently researched something about the London Opera, and my search brought me to the most entertaining „History of the tutu“ .

Thanks to Google, there are endless stories!

It really pays off to make guest experiences the focus of your hotel marketing.

That’s how you transform your hotel from a 

Bedseller into a Besteller!


 Show your guests what your hotel is really capable of!

With clear messages and lots of personality.

Great hosts deserve great guests!


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