I love hotel marketing and I LOVE HOTELS.

Where else can you experience life in all its amazing facets and colors
with such intensity and vigor, but on a hotel stage?

On the other hand – looking at the efforts that are put in and comparing it to the return on investment can be disappointing at times.

That’s why a revolution in hotel marketing is long overdue … so hoteliers like you, who put your hearts and souls into offering awesome hospitality, have higher occupancy levels … and get the guests (and room rates) you deserve.

The question is – how do you stand out, and what makes you really different from your competitor down the road?

Your rooms might not be that different, your service offer is likely to be very similar, but there is one thing without equal…

Your Hospitality = Your Hotel’s DNA

Hospitality simply cannot be copied and there are no two hotels offering it in exactly the same way. Atmosphere and ambience are the products of your values and vision, and the style and manner in which your team hosts your guests.

This is what makes a hotel unique.

Highlighting your hotel EXPERIENCE, instead of your rooms will change the way people view your hotel product.

You will no longer be one of many, which in the end always leads to price being the deciding factor, instead, you’ll be your own brand that attracts people who want your unique offer.

So, when you think the tempting images on your website speak for themselves,
don’t lose sight of how people make their purchase decisions…

Help them discover what they need (are they longing for a place to relax and unwind?
or do they look for the support that’ll make their next important business meeting perfect?)

Then show them in an authentic voice why you’re the ideal solution to fill that need, and get them emotionally attached.   (Storytelling is a great way of doing this.)

Now that you’ve made a meaningful connection with prospective guests and a decision in your favor looks highly likely, provide them with the benefits of your features and amenities to help them rationalize their choice. Let them feel your attention and care throughout the process and you’re already a huge step ahead of the competition..

You’ll get more traffic to your site, higher rankings, more direct bookings and it’ll grow your business.

Marketing focused on your hospitality also helps guide your team in terms of direction and motivation
and they’ll work towards your success.

A win-win situation!

Let’s talk about how you can share your awesome hospitality with the world!

Click here to get in touch or
drop me an email at textspoton@gmail.com.

Oh, before I forget: My name is Barbel, former hotel manager and the marketer behind Text Spot On.

My mission: Revive hotel marketing that’s in a rut.

Forget about ordinary, aligned and standardized and let’s talk about great customer service and authentic hotel experiences delivered with a pinch of character.

After 20 plus exciting years in hotel management, I’ve come to realize that it is not the expensive gifts or posh designs that have a true impact on guests, but the small gestures and touches of every day life.

Strong emotional moments, that guests love to recall and they really appreciate –
much more than nice features and added amenities could ever do.