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3 03, 2023

Hotel Trends 2023. Different, promising and full of opportunity.

By Bärbel Pfeiffer|2023-03-08T16:34:21+00:00March 3rd, 2023|Marketing Blog|0 Comments

Hotel Trends 2023. Different, promising and full of opportunity. . Despite all prophecies of doom, it looks like 2023 will be a good year for the hotel industry. And that has to do with the new trends. Best of all: neither expensive investments nor major refurbishment projects are required. Because in 2023 the focus will be on trends, great hotels are intimately familiar with: making people feel good. . Image courtesy Luca Upper - Unsplash . Here they are, the five exciting hotel trends for 2023: Trend #1: Hotel rooms become side issues for guests It [...]

27 04, 2022

Guest experiences sell hotel rooms – the untapped gold mine

By Bärbel Pfeiffer|2022-05-07T16:24:21+00:00April 27th, 2022|Marketing Blog|0 Comments

Guest experiences sell hotel rooms  – that's how your hotel is booked year round . It's being sold as the new trend, but it's always been like that. People love experiences. And hotels offer them. Individual, unique guest experiences. Every day anew. This is a major advantage for your hotel business in 2022. Because it fills hotel rooms. How? Read on. image courtesy austin distel unsplash How do I get more guests and direct bookings? . The number one question, all hoteliers ask themselves. And yet, with occupancy, it all too often looks like "all or nothing." Either [...]

5 01, 2022

Do I really need an About Us Page for my hotel?

By Bärbel Pfeiffer|2023-10-13T19:13:41+00:00January 5th, 2022|Marketing Blog|0 Comments

"About Us" for hotels and how it helps you connect with your visitors . Do I really need an "About us" page for my hotel? . "My hotel, room, restaurant, delicious breakfast speak for themselves and show my guest everything he needs to know." "I don't like being the center of attention." (And you are right, you shouldn't, but we'll get to that later) To answer your question: Yes, you do. „About us is (besides the homepage) the most important page on your hotel website. . This is the page where you connect with visitors, build trust and [...]

12 05, 2021

Respond to guest reviews or – the art of emotional connection

By Bärbel Pfeiffer|2022-11-28T20:19:22+00:00May 12th, 2021|Marketing Blog|0 Comments

Hotelmarketing, How to respond to guest reviews or the art of emotional connection. . "Sorry, we did not meet your expectations" One of the standard hotel comments in response to a critical guests review ... . ... on a booking platform that invites your guests to praise and criticize your business based on their rules... It's nothing short of amazing. What originally started out as a corporation to provide better visibility, has now become the main marketing tool to many hotels: Hotels are happily promoting booking engines on their websites They prominently display logos and links of Trip [...]

13 09, 2020

How to turn your hotel into a brand that thrills your guests

By Bärbel Pfeiffer|2022-11-28T20:21:23+00:00September 13th, 2020|Marketing Blog|0 Comments

How to turn your hotel into a brand that thrills your guests. . If you want more guests and direct bookings, you shouldn't advertise hotel rooms ... . Because it's LOUD online, and it's getting louder every day. One ad chases the next and everyone wants our attention. How can you, as a hotel, attract attention under these circumstances? To have a chance at all, you probably feel you have no choice but to bite the bullet and appear on booking platforms .... together with loads of competitors ... That, however, raises the question, why you won't find [...]

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