Whining hotel guests can increase sales! … if you listen carefully … and draw the right conclusions …

A good marketing strategy, the right guests and occupancy and sales will work. If only it were that easy.

But (hotel) life is not perfect and where people come together, different expectations and personalities collide. This doesn’t always go smoothly.. and that’s how complaints arise.

It might be uncomfortable sometimes, but listen carefully!

Because this is the opportunity to see and understand problems from the guest perspective.

In these moments, your hotel guests tell you what they really think.


.The ideal opportunity to gather valuable insights and information. Because if you want to sell increase your sales, you have to persuade people you are the best choice.

People are always looking for solutions to their problems. The more aptly you address their wishes and needs (and offer the right solutions), the faster you will get the attention of your website visitors. Potential hotel guests feel understood and attracted and are much more motivated to book.

An organizer’s biggest concern? The microphone cuts out in the middle of the lecture. Speak up and show why this will not happen in your hotel, or if it does, how you would easily resolve the matter.

Most hoteliers think they know what their guests want, but have you ever asked?

The result would probably surprise you…

Of course you’ll always come across .. specialchallenges once in a awhile.

Why else would a guest step into his elegant rooftop penthouse suite and immediately complain about the view? (It’s 11pm and it’s pitch dark outside except for a few lights in the distance.)

Or why does another hotel guest seem unaware of the truly unique, state-of-the-art fitness studio, but instantly demands to see the manager when he/she realizes the favorite channel is missing from the TV program.

Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes there are good reasons to complain. If your toilet is about to overflow for the third time in a row, or your roommate is dancing naked in the hotel hallway all night, I would strongly recommend that you bring this to the attention of management.

Even in a very well-run hotel, nothing always works perfectly.

Affected hotel guests will get in touch, you solve their problem and with a small gesture of goodwill the matter is – hopefully – closed.

There are other guests who complain on principle and get upset about every little thing. (.. preferably in the middle of the hustle and bustle.)

With guests like that, however, the supposed complaint is often just a means to an end.

In truth, it’s about disregard and hurt feelings.

And then there’s the category “Informed Consumers.”

Today we are literally being trained to find fault to

  1. receive a refund or
  2. get a discount

because we know exactly what “value for money” is all about.

Don’t get upset, but use the complaint material to improve your hotel marketing, I’d say.

Success and more sales are mainly related to rooms and furnishings.

Is that true?

Do your guests see it the same way, or is something else much more important to them? Are we missing something?

Let’s take a business coach for example. When he made the reservation, he said he’d stay one night and want to prepare for a very important presentation in peace.

The reception at the hotel is friendly and helpful and the room is fine. So far so good.

Then comes the first call: “We heard that you have an important presentation tomorrow, so we gave the room tech and Wi-Fi a thorough check before we arrived. If you need anything…” WOW!

A few hours later the second: “We don’t have you with us Saw dinner, I’m sure you’re still working. Can we send something to the room?” WOW!

The next morning we have a coffee before the restaurant officially opens and as he leaves, the receptionist wishes him “Good luck!” WOW!

Three small gestures, but they touched our coach and for him, this hotel now stands out as something special..

It’s that easy to anchor yourself in the memory of your guests.

Find out what “problem” your guest is having and help them solve it.

Some guests come to celebrate and others have important business to close. Still others long for a relaxing weekend.

There are guests who have saved up to treat themselves to something really great. You book the cheapest available room and look forward to a dream stay. After all, they have invested quite a bit. Expectations are high. Nothing can go wrong now, otherwise the dream will be gone and the disappointment great.

Or you have guests who hope to solve their partnership problems during the holiday.

If you’ve ever stood in the hotel lobby of a resort hotel over the Christmas break, you know what I’m talking about. bunches of tired people arrive; dark circles under your eyes and determined to make this week or two of vacation the best of your life. THE opportunity to forget the stress of the office, have fun, reconnect and solve all relationship problems. This rarely works and is one of the reasons why complaints at a holiday hotel are usually at an all-time high during the holiday season.

What I’m trying to say. Hotel guests often complain because their emotional needs aren’t met. They crave a little attention… They don’t buy a fancy room or interior design. They dream of a hotel experience that feels good. They hope that someone “takes care”. They are looking for a bit of pleasure and maybe even a few moments of happiness.

Isn’t a hotel the perfect place for such a dream?

Like a good host, sometimes it’s all about really listening and with a little gesture here and there to show someone that we care.

This will leave wonderful memories in the minds of your guests.

We all crave recognition. If we get them, we feel strong, happy and motivated. Logistics, strategies and turnover are important criteria, but maybe we sometimes lose sight of the people. And that’s what everything in the hotel should revolve around… So when you face the next guest who really complains, then listen carefully to what he says (bor not says) and read between the lines …

Because this is also a possibility: “Maybe something goes wrong in your marketing and you keep attracting guests that are not really a match?”

The more you know about what’s really important to your guests, the better.

What do your dream guests say, how do they express yourself? What phrases do you hear over and over again? Convince your guests with powerful reasons, trigger feelings and show them what a great host you are!

Want to attract more direct bookings and more sales?

Then I’ve got something for you!