4 reasons why especially hoteliers could emerge as winners from the Corona crisis.


The world as we know it is just unraveling. A change that scares.

Like all things that are beyond our experience and control.

Because what we are experiencing at present is enormous.

Hoteliers are among the hardest hit by the Corona crisis. The product “hotel” became practically unsaleable from one day to the next.

After weeks of perseverance, the path to a new reality begins to unfold very slowly and carefully.

How hard will it be?

That depends, above all, on the perspective from which we look at things.


Does our thinking revolve mainly around your losses and empty rooms? Or do we use our special strengths as hoteliers? Are we breaking with tradition and routine? Can we find a new, maybe even better format to reposition us?

From a neuroscientific point of view, we have spent most of the last few weeks in an adrenaline rush. The “stress hormone” is responsible for stimulating the body to perform at its best for a short time in dangerous situations. When the immediate danger is over, leaden fatigue sets in. This has certainly contributed to the constant ups and downs in our emotional world over the past few weeks. Adrenaline rushes are extremely helpful in the short term, but stress is a health hazard in the long term…

Time to reactivate inner reserves and use the characteristic skills of successful hoteliers.

That’s right, the corona virus is still here and is forcing us to break new ground. But if you take a closer look and recognize the potential that lies dormant in you, the future may not look so bleak after all.

Hotelier! – not everyone can do that.

You have to be made of sterner stuff to be successful in this business, but there are 4 skills that help you make it happen:

#1 Hoteliers are master problem solvers.

and incredibly creative when it comes to solutions. You always keep a cool head and are not easily upset. There are no problems – only challenges that need to be overcome.

Someone could write a book about the complexity of everyday hotel life and everyday things: from technical problems in the conference room to the drama with the wedding photographer who forgot to insert a film. From lavish ball nights and unexpectedly deceased guests. From dealing with natural disasters to terrorist attacks.

A hotelier is always “in the middle of it all”. The calm and confident pillar leading the way.

#2 No one gets closer to people and humans.

Hoteliers have strong social skills – they can listen, they create trust and they offer support.

These are immensely important values to people, especially now. Life after the quarantine has begun and now it’s time to carefully grope your way forward and weigh up the next steps under new conditions.

Especially boutique and private hotels have a big advantage. Guests know and trust their hosts. Look what guests say about the Mozart Hotel in Salzburg:

“I know the team and the manager/owner personally and how much he appreciates his guests. He will do everything in terms of hygiene and other measures to protect us / his guests. I feel safe and in good hands in his hotel.”

Corona has shown us that even the most advanced technology does not always have all the answers. In the end, it was the people who helped and supported each other in solidarity during the worst days and hours. We appreciate more what we are to each other.

#3 Hoteliers aren’t talkers, they are doers.

They get involved and lend a hand. They’ll implement whatever is necessary.

As all-rounders, they fix toilet flushes, serve food, act as a psychologists, and oversee three different projects at the same time.

If they can’t do something themselves, they have a long list of support on call.

That’s more than some top-class managers in the private sector can say of themselves.

#4 Hoteliers have a great sense of humor.

How can they not, if you look at what they are faced with on a daily basis.

That also helped us through the bad Corona weeks. Funny text messages, black humor, videos that made fun of some things and every now and then a little joke in the news.

toilett-roles-and-advice-not -to-panic-funny-corona-ad-from-the-inn-hotels

For months, we were exposed to gloomy forecasts and horror scenarios that paralyzed us and only allowed tunnel vision.

Now it’s time to look ahead and consciously change your perspective.

If the perspective changes, the answers will certainly change as well.

Ask yourself this question:

“What if everything in your life
happening FOR you, not against you?”

-Mental Trainer, Christoph Bischoff



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