Hotel room description writing
This will increase your sales


That’s right! Even the way you approach writing
your hotel room descriptions can help you stand out.


“Standard room,” “Superior room,” “Deluxe room?”

And that means what exactly?

What do these labels say to guests? Nothing.

Hotels use them to mark their different room categories.

But terms like “standard” and “luxury” mean different things to different people.

Next to the room category you’ll see a delightful image of the room and a list of the amenities.

From extra pillows to rain showers. And that’s about it. That’s how most hotels describe their hotel rooms.

Writing hotel room descriptions that attract guests will set you apart from your competitors.

Photo courtesy Paul Postema – Unsplash

Most hotel websites sound like this:

Enjoy our elegant 40 m² guest rooms, designed in warm beige tones and tailored to the needs of private and business travelers alike.

All rooms have a large marble bathroom, a double bed, air conditioning, an additional work area with free internet access and a walk-in closet.

Our superior rooms impress with a wonderful view of the city and the adjacent park.

Additional services:

24 hour room service
Bathrobe, slippers
Daily newspaper on request
Welcome gifts:
Fruit basket
1 bottle of mineral water
Coffee and tea

This reads inviting and pleasant, but is this hotel room description enough to pull in guests and get them to take action?

What about having your guests discover brief touch points all over your hotel website that make their “shopping experience” fun?

Just as you feel more comfortable in a beautifully designed shop.

You stay longer and your environment stimulates you to shop.

This also works for the hotel room pages on your website!

And … the more fun it is shopping at your hotel, the more sales you’ll get!

Have a look what happens when we introduce the same room differently. 

In this hotel room description writing sample, we let it speak for itself:


Photo courtesy Olexandr Ignatov

“Elegant, inviting and with a wonderful view over the city and the beautiful park –

this is how my hotelier imagined his Sun-Room,

and I have to admit that I am so proud of the result.

The view from my hotel room window alone is worth the trip.

Then there are all the little extras that make a stay at the Park Hotel so special.

Are you on business? or private trip? It doesn’t matter.

I want you to feel completely at ease with me.

And I can assure you, my designers went to great lengths to live up to this claim.

You’ll notice it the instant you walk in – the attention to detail and the effort we made to meet your needs and requirements.

Starting from the comfortable king-size bed to the spacious walk-in closet, to the large marble bathroom with separate shower and bathtub.

24 hour room service, bathrobe and slippers and, upon your request, the daily newspaper at your door – we don’t want you to lack anything.

And although it is my job as a hotel room to make sleeping and getting comfortable and pleasant,

we did not neglect the other functions of a modern hotel room either.

I also have a modern work area with free basic internet access and a comfortable armchair to reflect on.

And fresh fruit, mineral water and coffee and tea facilities provide you with energy.

Please come in. I am thrilled to have you as my guest!”


Which hotel room description example do you think stands out and is likely to stick in your guests’ minds much longer?

You’ve made them curious. They look around.

Maybe there are more beautiful things to discover here …

You’ve made a connection and the chances of selling a room and making more sales have just increased dramatically …

Another hotel room description example? That’s a sample of how you can turn a typical hotel description into powerful content that converts.

Ask yourself: ” What would grab MY attention?”, and put yourself in the shoes of your dream guests when you talk about your hotel product. A little courage to be different and you’ll sound better than 99% of the hotels that all say the same thing on their website!

And right away, you’ll stand out from the sea of ​​competitors.