How you can instantly make a bigger impact with your
hotel description writing.

We all know the importance of first impressions.
You can stand out or you can be one of many.. or you can persuade with writing your hotel description ..

Photo courtesy Erik Mclean

“Welcome to Hotel Airbus at Frankfurt airport”
Only 10 minutes away from the arrival terminal, our hotel with 150 spacious rooms is the ideal choice for your business or leisure trip. You can expect first class service, a fitness studio, a spa, free parking, our restaurant with inviting dishes and “Runway 10″, our bar, featuring the longest bar counter in Frankfurt.”


Well, now you know what to expect and what’s available. But does this homepage really make an impression on you?

Is there something about what you read that pulls you in? Based on this hotel description, would you make a direct booking right now?

A strong homepage has an impact on site visitors. Full stop.

“This is exactly the hotel I was looking for!”
“They’ve got exactly what I need!”

Why do we visit a website or look for a product in the first place? We have a problem or concern and we are looking for a solution …

… and a successful home page offers precisely that:

It highlights the problem, presents the solution and connects with the site visitor.  No lengthy, boring explanations or – even worse – the opposite, a product description with minimal information, true to the motto: “Take it or leave it!” But instead – a message worth reading.

“Here’s someone who understands me and can help!” 

This is true for hotel room descriptions and every other page on your website …

Now look at this example.
What do you feel when you read THIS description?

Photo courtesy Aivene Cheong

Travel is fun again – with a stop at the Airbus Hotel at Frankfurt airport!

We know what it means to return from a long and tiring journey, or to still have one ahead of you … Nothing better than a warm welcome, a good drink and the anticipation of stretching out on a comfortable bed. If you like to be a guest and enjoy a little attention, then you’ve come to the right place!

For an airport hotel we have a surprising number of repeat guests. We figure it might have something to do with our cordial hospitality and attention to detail. And probably with the pleasant added amenities, you’ll rarely find in an airport hotel:

A fitness studio, Turkish steam bath and Finnish sauna to re-charge your batteries and face the world once again, refreshed and invigorated. “Runway 10”, our popular bar and Frankfurt’s longest bar counter, where a good drink and a friendly conversation uplift your spirits. Or the goodies at  Sky Restaurant that’ll delight your culinary senses and help round off a memorable hotel experience.

As it turns out, we are also a popular venue for great events
and inspiring exhibitions.

It’s certainly worth to stop by!
Book now so you won’t miss out!


Make sure your hotel description has personality, connect emotionally with your guests, and don’t forget to end with a strong call-to-action, and you are one big step closer to your next direct booking!

You could use a hand to make it happen?