We support you with an effective Hotel Marketing Strategy

Sometimes, the hardest thing is to start.
So much to accomplish, so much to take care of,
and your new and improved marketing strategy slips further and further down the mile-long-to-do-list.

Together we’ll look at where you are in terms of your hotel marketing
and how we can turn the good stuff you already have into great stuff.

This includes, but is not limited to re-designing your website content (SEO of course is part of it),
optimizing your social networking strategies, so you can start building a powerful tribe,
training to use copy and content in your hotel communications that leaves a lasting impression
and coming up with creative hotel ideas that’ll make your guests come back for more.

 Minimum engagement of three month.
This is requisite to implement the strategy and to see first results.

Following that, you can either continue on your own, (we’ll share with you all you need ) or,
if you enjoy our working together, we can carry on for another month and another, and…

Initial meeting & roadmap planning:

US $500

Monthly rate:

US $2,350