Hotel content marketing – authentic – effective
and tailored to your ideal guests

Nothing makes you known faster than enthusiastic followers who stand behind you
and enthusiastically recommend you.

We’ll show you how to get more attention and build momentum with your content marketing.

True, your guests love to see your chef’s latest creations and beautiful rooms and surrounding photos,
but wouldn’t it even be better if your blogs and posts led to a lively exchange,
are shared with others and attract new prospects?…

That happens when you share inspiring stories, news and topics that excite your guests
and have them come back for more!

Get old and new guests poke their noses at your online hotel window,
eager to come in and see what surprises you have in store for them.

Great topics, good storytelling, interesting formats –
Entertain your website visitors with creative, high-quality content
and communicate on an emotional level, and your hotel will get attention …

Initial online meeting, road map planning and editorial calendar for 6 months


And if you like……I’d be happy to create some real eye catchers for you –
research the ideal topics, write about the stuff your guests love and distribute it for you.

With a follow-up analysis that’ll tell you how well each blog or article worked.
Depending on your needs and frequency, (monthly) rates will vary.