Hotel Marketing Training

WHAT you are saying and HOW you are saying it
makes all the difference.

I’ll show you how to communicate, so you’ll stand out in the minds of your ideal guests.
The phrases and wordings you need to avoid at all costs,
and the statements and words that’ll create an instant emotional connection
and will win you the trust of your readers.

I’ll share with you the crucial ingredients of a compelling sales letter,
starting from a powerful header down to the call to action,
so you’ll never again lose a lucrative conference or convention to the competition
because their offer sounded more convincing …

…and the powerful components of hotel blogging – a real driver to get your guests’ buyer journey started.
You’ll learn how to create an editorial calendar, come up with topics your target audience is interested in,
optimize content for SEO and how to re-use existing pieces to keep you going.

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