How to Increase Direct Hotel Bookings with Inbound Marketing


Being a true hotelier, you give it your all, day in day out, to ensure your guests are happy.
It’s time to reap the fruit of your passionate efforts.

Surely, you must be tired. You are doing the work. You listen to the issues of guests, staff and owners.
You make sure hotel standards are kept up and operations run smoothly.
You are on property around the clock – All that, only to have to share your hard earned revenue with commission
sucking third parties?

creative hotel marketing
Naturally, you want to get an increase in hotel bookings, see more sales this month and beat your competitor down the road, but you are probably having great difficulties achieving this goal.

For years, it has been an accepted fact that a hotel cannot exist solely based on its own marketing. It needs the support and promotion of travel agents, tour operators or travel platforms.

What started out as an innovative idea to help hotels channel their marketing efforts and create better exposure has now turned into a disadvantage. The majority of these platforms are price-driven and a handful of major players dictate the rules of a game that forces you to go along.

You have the power!
Get more direct bookings for your hotel!
It neither requires sophisticated technology nor a participating partner. Use Inbound Marketing to attract your ideal customers and guests to book directly with you.

Between 80% and 90% of consumers research the Internet before they make an important purchase decision.
They look for authentic conversations and trustworthy connections.

Hotels are now also using travel review sites to communicate with their customers.
But do these distribution sites reflect what your hotel is really all about?

Think about it – You are once again forced into reactive mode.
Guests post their reviews and if it’s positive, you dutifully extend a thank you.
If it’s negative you apologetically promise you’ll look into the matter.

Doesn’t sound like you have much control over what gets out there about your hotel, does it?

Worst of all, most hotel responses sound pretty formal and standardized. What is missing is true interaction.
A human voice. Personality! – The very essence of a hospitality experience.

But how do you solve that problem and create a consistent authentic online relationship with your ideal guest?
You are already working long hours to ensure things run smoothly, guests are satisfied and new customers are receiving the necessary attention.

Climb back into the Driver’s Seat and put your Own Marketing To Work.
It is much easier and less time consuming than you expect.
What you need is a marketing strategy that draws guests to your hotel and specifically and directly to
Your website and Your offer: Creative Inbound Marketing!

Take advantage of a highly effective method that will bring visitors to your site and turn them into leads. Inbound marketing for hotels is a highly targeted process in which you create and share quality content that promotes your hotel and will increase your hotel bookings. People arrive at your website because they chose to be there and because the information offered is in alignment with their interests.

Hotel Content Marketing is not interruptive anymore, but becomes relevant and helpful, and visitors keep coming back for more. Your general approach to putting heads in beds is now turned into one that is highly focused and that addresses each of your core business areas, for example, rooms, food and beverage or meetings.

As you continuously deliver information that resonates with your target audience, you are earning their trust and sooner or later they will turn into customers. Better yet, they will feel connected to your hotel and will become promoters.

Your product will stand on its own and it will stand out in the mind of your guests

  • No more generalizations
  • No more competing with the lowest price on travel distribution platforms
  • No more commission deducted from already lowered prices
  • No more attracting just anybody, but appealing to the “right” guests (who appreciate your property, are happy with your offer, and share raving reviews about it)
  • No more viewing you property as a location that offers accommodation, but as a business with a message that resonates

Take back the reins!

Market Your Hotel as an Individual Powerful Brand!

Attract, engage and persuade prospects and turn them into hotel guests!

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